Living & Working in Ireland

Croke Park Green grass, great pubs and a relaxed lifestyle are common images of Ireland, but it is also a modern, technological and cosmopolitan society. About 12% of people who live in Ireland are born outside of Ireland. The majority are from EU countries but there are many non EU communities throughout the country. Ireland is an open economy that attracts many multinational companies and there is high demand for skilled workers in many sectors of the economy, especially in the nursing profession.  It has a moderate climate, with warm summers and mild winters. We get more rainfall than Mediterranean countries but avoid the extreme of heat in summer and extreme cold in winter of other countries.

Office Door  Accommodation
Private rented accommodation is readily available in Ireland. The price depends on location but city centres are generally the most expensive. Nurses usually share accommodation with friends from their home country or workplace which greatly reduces the cost of the rent per person. Whenever possible, Nurse Jobs Europe along with employers, will assist with getting accommodation for our nurses when they arrive in Ireland.



Temple BarSocial Life
There is an excellent social life in Ireland with a large choice of bars, nightclubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres and sports clubs. Ireland has a unique social atmosphere that makes us open and welcoming to visitors. It is famous for “the craic” (fun and banter) and new acquaintances quickly become “old friends”.  Ireland is probably one of the easiest countries in the world to develop a great social life.



Health Care
Every resident of the EU is entitled to Medical Care in any EU country (and some other countries) using the European Health Insurance Card, which is available from your local Health Office.

Courses and Career development
Many employers in the Irish Healthcare sector arrange further education and training for their staff and have comprehensive in-house training. The universities, IT colleges and many second level schools provide part-time and night-time courses in every conceivable discipline, at different levels, for a small fee. Many people undertake these courses to further their careers or simply to meet new people and develop new friendships.

Dublin Calatrava Bridge

Dublin Calatrava Bridge

      General Information
Citizens Information, a state funded organisation, is an excellent source of information on public services and entitlements in Ireland. It has clearly presented information on everything from Social Welfare to Education to Housing to Tax to Health and much more.  It’s website is and there are walk-in offices located all around the country.  Nurses in Ireland are professionally represented by the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation. Its website is Residents from many countries arrange cultural and social events throughout the country that allow people to get together with people from their own country. Many arrange their own National Day to celebrate the culture and traditions of their country and to relax with friends and new acquaintances in a home-from-home atmosphere.