Foot Checking is Essential for Diabetics

Nurse Recruitment in IrelandDiabetes Ireland has said everyone with diabetes should have an annual check up on their feet in order to avoid the risk of amputation.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Today with Keelin Shanley, Dr Anna Clarke of Diabetes Ireland said people need to be aware of what care to take if they have a compromised blood supply to their feet as a result of their condition.

It comes following the publication of figures that show that eight people a week with diabetes are having lower limbs amputated.

Dr Clarke said amputations are completely avoidable if people have good diabetes care.

She said although there is a foot model in the national model for diabetes care, there is a need for community podiatrists to be put in place, who can identify moderate risk people and prevent complications happening.

“Every person should be checked by a professional, that can even be a nurse. A practice nurse can do it, GPs can do it.

“If every person is checked, if they know their risk, people then who are low risk know what to do on a daily basis in terms of washing their feet and examining their feet.

“Those people at moderate risk should be attending a podiatrist once a year for a review and if there are any problems developing, have those rectified at the very early stages.”